Video Blog: A look at the Battle of the Beltways

Before Wednesday's interleague matchup against the Nationals at Camden Yards, Roch Kubatko joined Buck Showalter to shoot the latest edition of Buck's Blog. Buck started off by acknowledging the presence of Baltimore fans at the Orioles' games in D.C., stating "Don't think our guys don't notice it." The skipper then went on to elaborate on the advantages of facing a National League opponent at home ... read more

Video Blog: Touching on tradition and the rotation's Roch Kubatko kicked off the latest edition of Buck's Blog with some questions about traditions around the Orioles clubhouse. O's manager Buck Showalter went on to describe in great detail what Chris Davis does after each home run. Showalter also shared his thoughts - rather, concerns - about postgame pies. From there, Roch asked about the O's rotation and Dylan Bundy's recovery. Watch Buck's ... read more

Video Blog: Focusing on the AL East, injuries and the rotation

Like most editions of Buck Blog, Roch Kubatko and Buck Showalter covered a wide range of topics. With the Red Sox in town, the skipper started his blog by sharing his thoughts on the tough American League East. The Orioles have an AL-best 14-9 record against their own division, but Buck says he's more focused on his squad instead of the O's division rivals. Showalter ... read more

Video Blog: Thoughts on Norris, Gausman and more

From Bud Norris' heated encounter with Torii Hunter to Kevin Gausman's first start of the year, Orioles manager Buck Showalter had a lot to discuss on the latest segment of Buck's Blog. When asked about last night's tiff between Norris and Hunter, Showalter assured us that he supports his players by saying, "I don't really have any problem with the way things went down last ... read more

Video Blog: Back in the swing of things

Another season of baseball brings another season of Buck's Blog. Like previous seasons, we'll be catching with manager Buck Showalter for exclusive insight here at What better way to begin his first blog of the season than by chatting about opening day? From the atmosphere to Nelson Cruz's big hit, Showalter shares his thoughts on opening day at the Yard. He then went on ... read more

Video Blog: Buck Showalter talks O's offseason from the Winter Meetings

While at the Winter Meetings, Buck Showalter held court with the media for close to a half-hour, covering a wide range of Orioles offseason topics. The Orioles manager discussed second base at length, saying he's comfortable with the options currently in the organization - Ryan Flaherty, Jemile Weeks, Jonathan Schoop and others - but he'd like to see Brian Roberts back in black and orange ... read more

Video Blog: Wrapping up the 2013 season

Well folks, it's the last edition of "Buck Blog" for the 2013 season. With that said, Buck Showalter isn't ready to look back. The skipper is still trying to swallow the bitter pill of being eliminated from the playoff picture. When asked if he was happy that O's fans aren't satisfied with this season's results, Showalter replied, "I want our city and our fans to ... read more

Video Blog: Focused on the fight to the finish

We're getting down to the wire with only a couple of weeks left in the regular season. This edition of "Buck's Blog" focused on the skipper's thoughts on the season and, more specifically, the last month of the season. With the O's just 1 1/2 games back in the chase for the second wild card, Buck Showalter makes it clear that he's gunning for Baltimore ... read more