Comparing the O's 40-man roster construction to the rest of MLB took an in-depth look at the 40-man roster makeup of every Major League Baseball team. The findings show that the Orioles' 40-man roster construction mirrors that of many other teams. FanGraphs lists 11 Orioles as being acquired by the team through the First-Year Player Draft, with the major league average at 12. It lists seven added via free agency (with the MLB average at ... read more

There is no crying in baseball, but is there tanking?

Is tanking really becoming an issue in baseball? It appears it may be, and that there is concern in the sport that some teams have set up their rosters to lose games in order to come up with higher draft picks. ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the issue of tanking was raised at the recent MLB owners meetings. "Houston is often cited within the sport ... read more

Trey Mancini and Christian Walker talk about Chris Davis re-signing with the O's

Christian Walker was the Orioles' minor league Player of the Year after the 2014 season, winning the Brooks Robinson Award. Trey Mancini took that same honor after last season. But going into the 2016 season, both prospects' path to the Orioles is potentially blocked by first baseman Chris Davis. He plays the same position they do and Davis re-signed with the club, agreeing to a ... read more

Notes on Pedro Alvarez, position rankings and prospect rankings

Providing a few thoughts on a few different topics today: Is Pedro Alvarez still a fit for the Orioles?: Probably only in the sense that they could use another left-handed bat. But when Chris Davis re-signed, that put a real dent into the possibility of Alvarez as an Oriole - unless the O's are OK with a lineup of Davis at first, Mark Trumbo in ... read more

Pre-spring training edition: "10 questions for Orioles fans"

Yes, it is indeed time for the latest edition of "10 questions." Answer one, two, three or all of them. Give a short answer or long one. I look forward to the responses. Now, on to the questions: 1) What is Matt Wieters' future with the team? Does he get signed to a new long-term deal, get a qualifying offer after the 2016 season or ... read more

A look at a few reasons to keep the 14th pick

There are a few good reasons that the Orioles have been reluctant to part with the No. 14 pick in the first round of next June's First-Year Player Draft. If the Orioles had signed or do sign a player that turned down a qualifying offer, they have to part with that draft pick. For one, the Orioles hope to get a player with that pick ... read more

Another look at the pitching and the starting rotation

When you compare the 2014 Orioles pitching staff to the 2015 version, the 2014 team wins easily. That certainly is no big surprise to anyone who watched the team drop from 96 to 81 wins. We've been hearing words like "bounceback" and "rebound," and we are not talking about basketball here. We're talking about the Orioles' ability to pitch as individuals and collectively as well ... read more

A look at MLB commissioner Rob Manfred one year into the job

On Jan. 25, Rob Manfred celebrated his one-year anniversary as commissioner of Major League Baseball. He started a five-year term last year as Bud Selig's successor. Manfred served as MLB's vice president of labor relations before being named the league's chief operating officer in 2013. A Harvard Law graduate, he had served as the head of labor negotiations for 19 years since the 1994 strike ... read more