When is the right time to lock up a core player?

The San Francisco Giants made a move yesterday that seems to be playing to solid reviews, locking up one of their core players for the future. They signed shortstop Brandon Crawford to a six-year contract extension worth $75 million. The Giants signed him for his two remaining arbitration seasons and bought out four free agent years. Crawford is a homegrown player, drafted by the Giants ... read more

A look at Orioles players in the Arizona Fall League

For six players from the Orioles minor leagues, their time in the Arizona Fall League is almost over. They've played for the Peoria Javelinas, who are 12-12 with three games left and cannot finish in first place. But the six have gained valuable high-level experience. Orioles director of player development Brian Graham was recently in Arizona and I asked him about the O's prospects out ... read more

A look at some Orioles payroll math

One look at the Orioles' projected payroll for next year leads me to this conclusion: To get what they need to get done, the payroll very likely will have to increase in 2016. The Orioles have four players with salaries locked in for the 2016 season: * $16.3 million - Adam Jones * $15.8 million - Matt Wieters * $13.0 million - Ubaldo Jimenez * ... read more

Bowie hitting coach talks about some minor league batters

About a week ago, I wrote about Double-A Bowie hitting coach Keith Bodie and how he fit in very well in his first season in the Orioles organization in 2015. Bodie has had a long and strong career in pro ball. During my visit with Bodie, we talked about a few Bowie hitters during the Eastern League playoffs. To no surprise, Bodie is pretty high ... read more

A look at Matt Wieters taking the qualifying offer and Boston's addition of a closer

When news of Matt Wieters accepting the Orioles' qualifying offer spread yesterday afternoon, some fans immediately feared this meant the Orioles would have less money to sign Chris Davis or other free agents. Well, Wieters made $8.3 million last year and through arbitration, had he been an arbitration-eligible player this year, his salary probably would have increased to $10-$11 million. So this is no huge ... read more

Can teams win without an ace pitcher? (Plus a take on Wieters)

Here are two pitching stats for a team in the 2015 regular season. This team had a starting rotation ERA of 4.34 to rank 12th in the American League. The same team got 912 2/3 innings from its starting pitchers this year to rank last in the AL. Was the team the Orioles? No, the team is the Kansas City Royals and they won the ... read more

A few notes and quotes with Dan Duquette, Chance Sisco and Wei-Yin Chen

A few notes and quotes in today's entry: The Duke: Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette was a guest Wednesday on MLB Network with host Chris Russo from the general managers meetings and was asked if some moves are expected to happen fast in the trade and free agent markets: "Well, this is going to happen pretty quickly between now and the Winter Meetings (in ... read more

Will the Orioles make a big play for Darren O'Day?

It seems there is already substantial interest in free agent reliever Darren O'Day, an Oriole for the last four seasons and one whose highest ERA with the club was the 2.28 he posted in 2012. He's had a rock-solid four years with the club and he even made the All-Star team in 2015 as a set-up man. That is rare. O'Day went 6-2 with a ... read more