Boo Birds?

People booing the Birds has been a topic almost everywhere I’ve gone in the last week or so - though about 98% of people say that they would not boo their own players.

I know you can get caught up in the moment when things go wrong. The impulse is to boo a bad play or bad results. I get it.

But, as a fan of a team, I don’t think you should boo your own players when they come off the field or are introduced to the fans. If they do something on or off the field that reflects negatively to your team and/or city, that is different.

If one of my players makes an error, I’ll support him. If he flips off the fans, I’ll boo him every chance I get.

It’s your right to boo if you want to. I just think that supporting your team is being more of a fan.

So, if you buy a ticket and you want to boo, then boo. It’s your right as a fan and ticket holder. I don’t need to hear that you have the right to boo. I don’t need to hear why you think you should be booing. I know you have the right to Boo.

We have many rights that may or may not be appropriate to do on a Sunday afternoon in the ninth inning at Camden Yards. That doesn’t mean I’m going to exercise them all every time I go to the park.

Look, if you buy a ticket to the games and want to boo, then boo until you can’t make a sound. It’s your right! But, I choose to support the guys as long as I see 100% effort on the field.