Manny and the front office in the stands

More Baseball for Manny
How much does Manny Acta like baseball? So much that after yesterday’s win over the Cubs, he headed across town to see the White Sox host the Rays. He sat in the family section and got a good feel for how the fans watch the game. He said it was a neat experience from simply getting to the stadium to watching from the stands.

I asked him if he was inspired at all by the Rays. They’re a team that has gone from being perennial cellar dwellers to the top of the Eastern Division in the American League.

He said he looks more at teams like the Twins and Rockies and how they’ve managed to develop their own talent from within to win and how they have developed an organizational baseball philosophy to follow.

He said that’s something the Nationals are trying to do in their farm system.

Murphy’s Rooftop Bleachers
Some members of the Nationals front office staff were sitting atop the bleachers on Waveland Avenue with a group of corporate sponsors.

It was the team’s way of thanking them for their support this season.

Solid Up the Middle
The addition of Emilio Bonifacio and Anderson Hernandez not only gives the Nats depth, but these guys are speedy in the field.

Their range is something the Nationals pitchers truly appreciate.