Here’s the Pitch

The Nationals’ home opener is Monday, April 13 against the defending World Champion Phillies. I know you’ve got your calendar marked.

Now we need to convince the White House scheduling department to make some room on its calendar for a very special occasion.

What a great chance for President Barack Obama to embrace our national pastime and throw out the first pitch.

Our country needs some stimulation, so how about it, Mr. President? Show Nats Nation that you care about your new hometown team.

We know you have a special place in your heart for your hometown White Sox but now you can have a National League team to follow every day right here in your own backyard.

Your beloved Nats would LOVE for you, Michelle, Malia and Sasha to visit the ballpark.

Screech will be on his best behavior. You can meet the racing Presidents.

Heck, I bet we could even pull some strings to put you in the race with your older counterparts! Teddy Roosevelt would love it!

Give it some thought and we hope to see you on April 13. And, if you’re free for an inning or so, come on up to the MASN broadcast booth, we’d love to have you there!