Thoughts on Dunn

Now that the World Baseball Classic is finished (Congrats to Japan), Adam Dunn and Joel Hanrahan will be heading back to Viera to rejoin the Nats.

I really think the WBC helped boost Hanrahan’s confidence and it helped Dunn play in a playoff type atmosphere. These are the types of experiences that can really help define their careers.

I can’t wait to see how Dunn impacts the Nats lineup.

He really should help Zimmerman get some better at bats. He’s a threat every time he comes to the plate. He may not succeed each time but the opposing pitcher knows he can rip the ball out of the ballpark with ease and that’s enough to rattle someone who has to face Dunn.

Acting GM Mike Rizzo told me last week we’ll probably see Dunn in left field. This is good for Nick Johnson. I think if he can stay healthy he really could make this Nats lineup pretty decent.

One other quick note about Dunn. He’s got a great sense of humor. Earlier this spring I asked him what he’d be doing if he weren’t a baseball player and the six-foot six-inch tall Dunn replied that he probably be a model.