Looking forward to the home opener

Second baseman Willie Harris is going to be re-evaluated Monday in Washington.

After Sunday’s game Manny Acta admitted the second base position is a concern to him. It looks like Anderson Hernandez might be brought back sooner than expected from his rehab start.

The Nats are looking forward to returning to Washington for their home opener.

Slugger Adam Dunn said it’s just what the team needs. Scott Olsen, who took the loss Sunday, said the players need to forget this road trip. Veteran backup catcher Josh Bard told me after the game that the players all need to be professional and turn this around.

Acting GM Mike Rizzo also told me the losing streak doesn’t become a concern until there’s more emphasis on the rough start than what the team is trying to accomplish.

So far, that hasn’t happened. He also added that the team’s preparation and effort has been great. Their execution hasn’t been, but it will come.

Let’s just hope it’s sooner than later. How about today...Opening Day at home.