Weekend tidbits from Nats Park...

Ollie Rematch with friends now foes: The Marlins...
Scott Olsen spent some time Friday renewing acquaintances with his former Florida teammates. During the baseball season this year, Olsen has a tenant in his South Florida home--Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom.

Olsen told me that so far Lindstrom is neat, keeping it clean and making sure it’s all locked up and the air conditioning is turned down when he hits the road. Naturally it was a bit interesting with the two players sharing the place when the Nats visited the Marlins earlier this month to open the season!

History Buff in DC...
Olsen, who enjoys traveling, told me that when he was a member of the visiting team he always enjoyed coming to Washington, D.C.

Now that he’s living here, he said he’s looking forward to taking in more of the local sights. Olsen also said he’s a big history buff and he can’t wait to take in the Smithsonian and other local museums.

In the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Category...
Outfielder Elijah Dukes may have had good intentions spending Saturday morning signing autographs for some local youngsters, but that’s no excuse for being late for work.

Manny Acta told me it was a bizarre situation because the team encourages its players to go out and spend time in the community. This is where common sense needs to come into play.

Trying to cram in an autograph session after an extra inning night game before a 1:00 p.m. day game just doesn’t make sense. In addition to benching him and fining him, the team also told Dukes if he’s late again (this was his second tardy appearance) he will be sent out to Triple A Syracuse. Message sent.

Missing O’s...Oops!
In case you were watching the game Friday night and noticed Adam Dunn, Ryan Zimmerman and Elijah Dukes were missing O’s on their uniforms, it was apparently a wardrobe malfunction. Hardworking Nats clubhouse manager Mike Wallace admitted after the game that Major League Baseball took those players’ three jerseys from Opening Day so they were using replacement jerseys.

Well, the backs of their uniforms were checked to make sure their names were spelled right and it was assumed the team’s name was right. Once Mike Wallace’s crew noticed the gaff, the uniforms were immediately changed.