Little of everything with Lannan

Lannan Likes Minute Maid
John Lannan told me Wednesday morning that he likes pitching at Minute Maid Park in Houston. That’s good news considering the ballpark isn’t exactly known for being pitcher friendly.

Lucky Seven?
John is aiming for his seventh victory of the season. He already leads Nats pitchers with six wins. His 107 innings pitched so far this season is also a pretty impressive mark.

The lanky lefty told me it was a goal of his to pitch more innings and deeper into games this season. Right now he’s averaging 6.3 innings per start.

Strength and Endurance
John Lannan credits Nats strength and conditioning coach John Philbin for helping him build up his endurance.

Meanwhile, John Philbin points to the southpaw’s hard work as the biggest thing helping him build up his strength.