Nats looking for mental edge

What do Tiger Woods, LeBron James and the Washington Nationals all have in common?

They all share the same sports psychologist, Robert Rotella, PhD. Dr. Rotella is a world renowned sports psychologist who helps professional athletes reach their peak performance levels.

He has worked in all sports, including baseball, where he’s helped the likes of Greg Maddux and John Smoltz.

Nats acting GM Mike Rizzo told me the team is utilizing Dr. Rotella’s services in an effort to help get the best out of the Nationals players.

Dr. Rotella met with the pitchers as a group this week, and he also met with the position players in addition to speaking to some players individually. He gave his phone number to the guys and he’s available for additional one-on-one conversations.

Nats hitting coach Rick Eckstein is impressed with Dr. Rotella and he believes this is an invaluable resource for the players.

So much of the game of baseball is mental and having someone like Bob Rotella around can only help the players improve on their focus. He has traveled the world working with coaches, athletes, entertainers and businessmen in an effort to help them reach maximum success.

This is another example of the Nationals showing their commitment to going above and beyond to improve this ballclub. Remember, the glass is half full!