Welcome to Washington, Stephen Strasburg!

It’s with open arms that all of NatsTown welcomes you and your family to our Nationals family. No doubt this weekend will be a busy one but try to enjoy it and soak it all in.

The excitement surrounding the Nationals right now has to be at an all-time high. The team is moving in the right direction on a number of different levels and no doubt you are a big reason why.

We understand you aren’t going to be a savior to the organization but your contributions could really make a difference. Fans in D.C. have been told you’re not going to be rushed so everyone understands only time will tell how good things can be here.

But just so you know, you already have a great fan base that supports you. As you’ll discover this weekend, it’s quality over quantity, but the numbers are growing. You’ll meet some of the most dedicated and genuine baseball fans ever.

You’ll also meet an organization that is extremely family oriented. When you walk into the ballpark you will be greeted by Larry, the security guard in the players’ parking lot. No doubt when you head to the clubhouse for the first time, you’ll run into Kevin and Cornell keeping watch over who enters and leaves. Once inside you’ll meet Mike Wallace, the best clubhouse manager in baseball. His assistants Dan and Javier are a great support system, too. There will be a lot of names you’ll eventually put with faces.

The players are a great down to earth bunch. John Lannan is the senior member of the starting staff, so any questions you have, I’m sure Lannan will be able to help. He’s the guy who took J.D. Martin and Craig Stammen under his wing to help them learn the ropes of the big leagues for the first time this season.

Ryan Zimmerman is one of the most respected players in the game and he is what this organization is all about. He is a quality person first and a terrific baseball player second. You will learn so much from him, Stephen.

Interim manager Jim Riggleman has been called old school and that comes from the man who hired him, GM Mike Rizzo. These two baseball minds will be a great resource for you throughout your career.

This organization cares and it starts at the top. We know you’ve already met the Lerner Family, so you know what I’m talking about here.

Welcome to Washington and enjoy the show Stephen Strasburg!