Guzman getting comfortable at second

Cristian Guzman admitted it feels “different” to play second base and it’s something that will take time for him to adjust to.

Although the veteran played some second base late during spring training, he told me it’s not the same as in the regular season.

Cristian has been working hard before games taking extra ground balls, but nothing beats the real thing.

He credited coach Pat Listach who has helped him make the transition from short to second. He said Pat points out things about second base that are useful during games.

Pat, who also made the position switch during his playing days, said the biggest adjustment for Guzzy is positioning. He said he needs to be in the right place on cut off plays and relay throws. Pat added that once he adjusts to second it should be an easier position to play than shortstop because of the shorter throws.

Zim on the mend...
Ryan Zimmerman told me after the game on Saturday that it could be a couple of days before he plays - although he won’t rule out playing Sunday against the Mets.

He described the left hamstring injury as something that’s been nagging him lately. He added that he came out of the game as a precautionary measure.