Nationals pitch in for kids

This weekend, Nationals closer Matt Capps and third baseman Ryan Zimmerman made a visit to the Children’s National Medical Center where the Nationals Dream Foundation has dedicated $2 million toward the Children’s Diabetes Care Complex.

On Sunday, Dr. Fran Cogen told me it meant so much to the children and staff there to have the players visit.

It was remarkable to everyone there how Ryan and Matt were able to relate to the kids. Matt admitted it was tough at times, but he said he really got a lot out of spending time with the youngsters there. He said he has family and friends who have battled diabetes so he understands the need for research.

Nationals principal owner Marla Lerner Tanenbaum is the chairperson of the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, and she pours so much of her own heart and soul into this cause.

She told me about the tremendous need for research. She is driven to not only raise funds, but also raise awareness to so many important causes.

The Nationals’ commitment to philanthropic causes in the community is something that has been in place since the Lerner family took over the team.

Dr. Cogen is so touched by the team’s association with the children she works so diligently to take care of. And now there is a special bond between the baseball players and those children.