Gwynn on Strasburg

Gwynn Eager for Strasburg...
Padres broadcaster and San Diego State head baseball coach Tony Gwynn admitted Friday that he’s anxious to see how Stephen Strasburg does in the big leagues.

He told me he thinks people will be surprised at Stephen’s baseball savvy. He said the Nats’ prized prospect really understands all the little things in the game. Gwynn also said he was very impressed with Stephen’s athleticism. He added that Strasburg can really field his position well and he can hit. The Padres Hall of Famer is impressed with the way Strasburg has handled all the hype.

He also gave Stephen this bit of advice: Have fun!

Learning from the best...
Nats skipper Jim Riggleman managed Tony Gwynn with the Padres and he appreciates the fact that his future starter has learned a lot about the game of baseball from one of the top players to put on a uniform.

Jim is also pleased that Stephen was able to learn from someone who is an outstanding person. Jim said as a college coach Tony tries to mold his players to be productive citizens, and he’s got many words of wisdom. And to the Nats skipper it’s obvious that Stephen has listened to his former college baseball coach by the way he has carried himself so far during his professional time with the Nats.

All in the Family...
It means a lot to Jim Riggleman that not only was he able to manage Tony Gwynn, but now he gets to manage against his son, too. Tony Gwynn, Jr. plays for the Padres, and that shows not only how long Jim has lasted in the game but that one of his prized players was able to pass a lot of his own baseball knowledge along to his son.