Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

Adam Dunn told me he learned patience from his mom, Pat. Ryan Zimmerman learned to be a good listener from his mom, Cheryl. We all pick up a little something every time we speak to our moms.

Having a strong work ethic is something Wil Nieves takes from his mom, Dommys Delgado, who raised him as a single parent and also had a challenging career. She worked long and hard hours as Puerto Rico’s Boxing Commission President, a position very unique for a woman. In fact, Wil told me his mom is more popular in Puerto Rico than he is!

Making sacrifices is something mothers just do, but we so often take them for granted. My mom, Patty, used to drive us everywhere as youngsters and she never missed a game or a recital despite juggling the schedules of five kids and my dad who worked countless hours as a doctor at two different hospitals in New Hampshire.

Besides being a good sport about all our activities, my mom would also drive us to Fenway Park during the summer months. Often times she would go into the games with us, and as we got older she would let us go without her. Sometimes we’d just take it for granted that she would drop us off for the game and magically be waiting for us by Gate D when it was over. She was always on time and never complained about the two to three hour length of the Red Sox games or the hour drive to and from the ballpark. She knew we all loved baseball so she’d be a trooper and take us into Boston.

Watching baseball is something that my mom’s mom, who we called Nana, first introduced me to. She’d be baking in the kitchen and she’d have me keep track of the Red Sox games on the television. In between innings I’d give her a wrap up of what was happening to the hometown team. In a way, this was my first reporting assignment, and I loved every second of it!

Now it’s my turn to take my daughter to the ballpark. I’m so fortunate that she already loves the sport. Our national pastime is such a great way for families to bond, and I appreciate every minute we have together at the ballpark, just like the moments I shared with my mom at Fenway Park.