Nationals at a Crossroads...

The Nats are coming off a three-game sweep by the Orioles, who own the worst record in baseball. With that said, the Nats cruise in to Atlanta where Stephen Strasburg will try to end the team’s four-game skid.

The rookie will try to get the Nats back into the win column and end what has been an unusual way to lose after having healthy leads in all three games. The Nats had leads of 6-0, 5-0 and 3-0 so at least the offense did make some improvements. Now the team needs to work on getting those add-on runs and maintaining its lead.

When the Nats team bus drove by Turner Field on Sunday night, en route to their hotel, a big sign outside the ballpark featured tonight’s possible marquee match-up between Nats phenom Stephen Strasburg and Braves outstanding rookie outfielder Jason Heyward.

Heyward has been nursing a sore left thumb so it is uncertain whether he will be in the lineup. But, if he is healthy, two of the top rookies in the league could begin a match-up that will continue for years. Even one of the Atlanta morning television talk shows managed to show highlights and talked about the potential match-up.

Strasburg-mania continues in Hot-lanta and once again the game will be broadcast nationally. Let’s hope the rookie can help the Nats turn the page and get back in the win column. It’s crucial the club finish the first half on a positive note. The All-Star break is just around the corner so the time to win is now.