After a long road trip it’s good to be home

Thanks for coming back to check out the blog! Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

It is really nice to be back in D.C. after a long road trip. West Coast trips are always difficult with the time change. I tried to stay on eastern time for the beginning portion of the trip but it was inevitable that I would make the switch over to PAcific Standard Time. The off day Monday was huge for acclimating ourselves back.

Last night’s win was a lot of fun. Obviously it is a big boost to have Zim back in the lineup. Jerry Hairston Jr. and Alex Cora did a great job filling in for him when he was gone. Ryan’s bat will be a big boost for our lineup. The crowd was great and stayed strong to the end. Those are always the best nights, when a big crowd is there behind us. It shows you how hard are hitters are working when they can put together a late rally to get us back in the lead.

The bullpen also had a good night. It was fun to see Ryan Matheus in his debut. He has great stuff and will be an asset to us if he can keep throwing like that. Sean Rodriguez and Tyler Clippard did their thing and threw well. It is always fun to follow up those guys after they set the tone.

Well I’m off to the field. I usually try to get there around 2 o’clock everyday. Clip and I are talking about putting together a little “Cribs” video blog to show our place, so hopefully we can get that up this homestand. As usual, feel free to shoot any comments my way via twitter (@DrewStoren).

And don’t forget, I’ll be meeting a group of fans before the game on Friday night. If you’ll be at the game, text “DREW” to 29292 for your chance to win.