Working my way back to the bullpen

Despite being on the disabled list with an elbow injury, closer Drew Storen is still able to provide an inside look of the winning Nationals team. The right-hander is currently making progress in his rehabilitation and is working on getting back to the mound for the Nationals by the middle of July. In addition to the rehab process, Storen is answering fan questions in the ... read more

Injury still progressing, but Storen could be on mound soon

It's been a great start to the 2012 season for the Nationals. Thanks to some stellar pitching and timely hitting, fans in Washington are witnessing the quality of baseball some people predicted this squad would produce. And while the guys on the active roster are getting things done, particularly on the mound, let's not forget the guys who, after some time to heal, will be ... read more

What the offseason holds for me

Thanks for coming back. As usual I went to Twitter to help find topics for the next blog post. A lot of you asked about my decision to not go back to go school this fall. There are a lot of factors that went into deciding to not return to Palo Alto. The main issue would be the inability to take the classes that I ... read more

What really goes down in the bullpen

And we're back. Sorry its been too long, it has been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of things have been going on. Thanks for all the Twitter feedback, sometimes it's hard to tell what you all want to read about. A lot of you have asked about all the trade talk. I am real happy that I am still here. No offense to Minnesota, ... read more

Catching up with the family over All-Star break

Welcome back! I figured I would knock out another blog here since my flight out of Indianapolis is delayed. I, like many others, enjoy people watching at the airport, but I've had my fill, so I decided to be productive. My break was nice. I flew to Indiana to visit family and just unwind for a few days. It's always good to get some home ... read more

Part 2: An insider's look at the Storen/Clippard household

Ever wonder what it's like living with Nationals closer Drew Storen and his All-Star set-up man, Tyler Clippard? For this edition of Storen's video blog, he takes Nationals fans on a tour of his apartment, MTV "Cribs"-style. Get an insider's look at where the Nationals' closer and set-up man relax after a stressful night of work protecting leads and saving ballgames. In Part 1 ... read more

Late-night thoughts from the Windy City

I figured I'd hammer out a late-night blog here in our first night in Chicago. Following a great dinner with some of the guys, I am in the room watching "Last Call with Carson Daly." Pretty cool show, not your typical late-night talk show format. Anyway, you are probably more concerned with the resignation as opposed to my choice in late-night television. My thought on ... read more

Long flights coming, but looking forward to playing in Chicago and L.A.

Drew Storen met up with's Tom Kolker recently for another video blog. Drew talked about looking forward to playing in Chicago and Los Angeles. Drew mentions which Chicago team he rooted for growing up and who his favorite pitcher was as a kid. Drew continued to tease what to expect from he and Tyler Clippard in a future video blog. Leave a comment in ... read more