The pick, the process, the prize

It’s official. Robert Griffin III is a Washington Redskin.

The last time the Redskins had the No. 2 overall pick was in 2000, when they took linebacker LaVar Arrington. I co-host a television show with Arrington and he said something very profound: Even before RGIII takes a professional snap he becomes the face of Washington, D.C., sports - over the Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg.

Arrington’s reasoning is that the Redskins always move the needle in Washington. No slight to the Super Bowl seasons of Joe Theismann, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien, but there has not been a franchise-type quarterback around here since Sonny Jurgensen. I somewhat agree with Arrington, but I will add that the reason this RGIII topic even has any legs is because no athlete in this town has taken hold of it and owned it the right way. RGIII has is the default face of the franchise right now, but can earn it outright if he can somehow turn around this franchise.

That turnaround is going to take some time. I know this kid has got incredible talent, but this is going to be a work in progress. He will have to make mistakes and learn from them, and if you are not ready for that learning curve you may want to turn off your television and radio for the next season or two.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan are also going to have to let RGIII be RGIII. I hope they learned from the whole Donovan McNabb saga that it’s the players that make your system work, not the other way around. Adaptation should be the buzzword for the coaching staff this season.

Listening to RGIII and watching his mannerisms, you can clearly tell he gets it. He is humble, hungry and happy to be here. Now that the Redskins have this prize that they paid dearly for, they need to protect this investment with the tools on and off the field that he is going to need.

From what you have seen and heard thus far, what impresses you most about RGIII?

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