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The most important part

NFL training camps have arrived and already Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has the quote of the camp season. When asked about being the face of the franchise his response was classic. "There's really no true face of the franchise because if we all just had faces, we'd all be dead," he said. "So you know there's got to be a heart, there's got to

Sports should never get that big

The severity of the punishment for Penn State will be debated, and so will the use and the worth of the NCAA. But the following comment by NCAA president Mark Emmert when handing out Penn State's fines is not debatable: "One of the grave dangers stemming from our love of sports is that the sports themselves become too big to fail indeed too big to

Proud to be an American sports fan

Patriotism is a real interesting thing. It can make you angry and it can make you smile. It can make you scream and it can also cause you to be perfectly still. But with all those emotions, it certainly does bring everyone together. Seeing the men's and women's U.S. Olympic basketball teams in town recently conjured up why it is great to be an American

Please tell me there is more to come

When I see all of the activity going on in NBA free agency, I find it very frustrating that the Wizards are not making that much-needed splash. The perception is that no one wants to come to Washington, D.C., and play for the Wizards. The reality is that someone out there does and you just have to show him the money. That is exactly how

Tiger Woods is back, but for how long?

After a couple years away from the area, it was really good to see Tiger Woods and the AT&T National golf tournament back at Congressional Country Club. Woods loves the golf course and it showed as the host won the tournament for the second time at the historic venue. The media loves the tournament because it puts the Washington, D.C., area on the PGA map

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