Closing the book on an eventful Winter Meetings in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - As the Winter Meetings end, here's what we've learned about the baseball landscape after spending four days in San Diego's unbelievable weather: * The 94-win Dodgers have money to spend, but this week, they showed they could combine an aggressive imagination with their huge wallet. The Dodgers traded second baseman Dee Gordon and pitcher Dan Haren to Miami in a deal that ... read more

Could Lester's big deal, presumed price tags for Shields and Scherzer stoke trade market for starting pitchers?

SAN DIEGO - Jon Lester is getting ready to earn $155 million for the Chicago Cubs. So that means teams that were trying to sign Lester are looking for other ways to fix their rotation. The Giants were in Lester and so were the Red Sox, Lester's former team. Lester could have gone to either of those teams that have a combined five World Series ... read more

Reactions to Windy City moves made at the Winter Meetings (updated with Lester signing)

SAN DIEGO - The headlines after the second day of baseball's Winter Meetings have been going through the Windy City. The Chicago White Sox and Cubs are making all the news. The fans in Chicago need some relief. Each team won 73 games last season and finished 17 games out. The White Sox were fourth in the American League Central, the Cubs last in the ... read more

Recapping the first day of baseball's Winter Meetings

SAN DIEGO - The Orioles are looking for outfielders via trade and the free agent market. The Nationals are mum about their plans for finding a second baseman. And, generally across both leagues, the action is slow. Big-name players going in the trade could define these Winter Meetings, and the dealings will start after lefty Jon Lester decides where he's going to play. He could ... read more

Storylines from baseball's Winter Meetings

SAN DIEGO - As he settles in and fires up his computer on the flight to San Diego for the Winter Meetings, Cincinnati Reds general manager Walt Jocketty was asked by a reporter if he'd ever traded a player from 30,000 feet up. The reporter was asking in jest, but Jocketty said yes. "Actually, when I was with St. Louis, that's when I got Mark ... read more

Markakis' departure leaves O's with payroll flexibility in thin free agent market

Outfielder Nick Markakis was a fan favorite in Baltimore, but the Orioles did the right thing by not trying to outbid the Atlanta Braves' $44 million contract. It's better to have payroll flexibility than an $11 million outfielder hitting .280 with 12 home runs. The Orioles are going to benefit in the long run from not having Markakis. So what do to next? Prospect Dariel ... read more

Even with Cruz's departure, Orioles are well-positioned in AL East

Outside of the money and four-year contract, Nelson Cruz's signing with the Seattle Mariners is puzzling from a baseball standpoint. As an Oriole, he would have been hitting in more a power-friendly ballpark in Camden Yards. And for a 35-year-old player, that's important. With guys like Adam Jones, J.J. Hardy, Chris Davis and possibly Nick Markakis, Cruz would have had a better chance to lead ... read more

Could change-of-scenery swap be Jimenez's ticket out of Baltimore?

The Orioles are checking the trade market to see if there are teams that want to acquire pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez, who didn't live up to expectations in 2014, the first season of a four-year, $50 million contract. Chances are the Orioles aren't going to be trading Jimenez for blue-chip prospects. So what to do? The Orioles need to find another team with a big-money contract ... read more