Will teams be hunting for pitching bargains during holiday shopping season?

The holidays are arriving, as well as the bargain-hunting shopping season. Who doesn't like a good deal? Baseball teams are no different, especially when it comes to pitchers. The only ways to upgrade a pitching staff is to sign a free agent, trade prospects or go for the lightning-in-a-bottle route, hoping that a pitcher can get healthy or shake off a bad season, much like ... read more

Should Jake Arrieta have won the NL Cy Young Award over Zack Greinke?

Jake Arrieta, the former Orioles pitcher with the Chicago Cubs, is this year's National League Cy Young Award winner, but this is another award I don't get. Arrieta was the best second-half pitcher in baseball and he's a reason the Cubs won the wild card game. But should he win the NL Cy Young Award? I don't think so. I was one of the 30 ... read more

Explaining my BBWAA vote for AL Manager of the Year

I was in the minority in the voting for the American League's Manager of the Year. I was one of two voters from the Baseball Writers' Association of America to cast my first-place ballot for New York's Joe Girardi, who led the Yankees to a wild card spot in the playoffs. Texas' Jeff Banister, with 17 first-place votes, won the award followed by Houston's A.J. ... read more

Will busier-than-usual GM meetings turn into wild offseason of wheeling and dealing?

The general managers meetings concluded this week in Boca Raton, Fla., and while these gatherings are usually for fact-finding missions, there were plenty of trades. Perhaps it is because of the turnover - one-third of the bosses that make the trades - are new to teams this year. We anticipate that the GM meetings could launch a wild and crazy offseason. So here are the ... read more

Predictions for BBWAA awards, some of which are very tight races

Pitcher Jake Arrieta dominated in the season's second half, posting a 0.75 ERA and finishing with 22 wins and a 1.77 ERA for the Cubs. The Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw had a 2.13 ERA and led the National League with 301 strikeouts. So Arrieta and Kershaw are the top candidates for the NL Cy Young Award? Think again. The numbers for Arrieta and Kershaw are impressive, ... read more

Looking at the latest Hall of Fame ballot

The latest baseball Hall of Fame ballot is in the mail to eligible voters - and this time, there is a new twist. The Hall of Fame cut the number of eligible voters from the Baseball Writers' Association of America, so how a smaller electorate will affect the voting is yet to be determined. Last year, there were 549 ballots cast, meaning that 412 votes ... read more

Breaking down the local free agents and who might be interested in them

The free agent season has arrived and the two local nines will look different in 2016 given their free agent list and the value of those players on the open market. The Nationals and Orioles won't be able to keep everyone. Every team needs pitching and the list for free agent starting pitchers is long, so how will that affect the market? The Orioles need ... read more

Everything you need to know about Dusty Baker (including some things you probably never thought to ask about)

Dusty Baker, who has managed the Giants, Cubs and Reds, will be introduced Thursday as the Nationals' new manager, replacing his good friend, Matt Williams. The Nationals wanted an experienced manager and they got it: Baker has managed 20 seasons in the big leagues. Here's what you need to know about Baker: * Baker's given name is Johnnie B. Baker, but his mom gave him ... read more