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Nats not the only NL East team struggling at the plate

The season-long gripe about the Nationals is that they are a good-pitch, no-hit team. And, the question is: Where would the Nats be in the National League East if they had had even mediocre hitting? The Nationals went into Sunday with a .227 average, which ranks next-to-last in the league, and 194 runs scored, which ranks 12th. A 17-run game in Baltimore boosted that ranking.

Comparing the AL East and NL East as we head in to interleague play

With interleague play here, there's no argument than the National and American League East divisions are the best of baseball's six. But, which of those divisions are the best? Generally, the NL East has more pitching, the AL East more offense, partly because of the DH. But, here's a position-by-position comparison: Rotation: The Phillies' Roy Halladay, the Marlins' Josh Johnson and the Braves' Tim Hudson

Reflections on Harmon Killebrew's career

Harmon Killebrew ranks 11th on the all-time home run list with 573 home runs, and, had it not been for at least three injury-plagued seasons, Killebrew would have been among the elite players in the 600-home run club. "I never think about it that way because I was so fortunate to be playing baseball for as long as I did,'' Killebrew said during a spring-training

Rewind replay push and keep human drama in play

Maybe somebody could explain to me why proponents think it is a good idea to have more instant replay in baseball. Baseball already has replay for close calls on home runs and is thinking of adding replay to help umpires with trapped balls. Too much replay puts the sport on a slippery slope toward technological umpiring. Even after last season, when umpire Jim Joyce cost

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