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HGH testing in new labor pact gives baseball added credibility

The latest agreement between the owners and players, announced Tuesday, means baseball will have 21 consecutive seasons of labor peace, and that makes baseball look good compared to the NBA and, to a certain extent, the NFL. The key to this year's agreement was the workable personalities of Rob Manfred, the owners' top negotiator, and Michael Weiner, who heads the players' union. The two worked

Duquette finally gets another shot; forget Fielder, Nats should focus on pitching

In 2002, when Dan Duquette was fired by the Boston Red Sox as their general manager, he vowed to make a comeback. Now, he gets his chance as the Orioles' top executive. Duquette left Boston in cloud of controversy, and because of that, he probably didn't get proper credit for his role in building the Red Sox's 2004 World Series championship team. His strengths are

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