Where at Nats Park (Updated)

Copying the great idea of our Orioles Buzz blogger, Kate, I took a trip down to Nationals Park last week to take some photographs for our brand new weekly game, “Where at Nats Park?”

Some will be easy and some will be more challenging. We’ll post the correct answer on Wednesday. Put your answer in the comments and keep track of your correct guesses. Who knows, maybe we’ll come up with a prize down the road.

You’ve been to Nats Park dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of times, but how well have you really noticed your surroundings? Can you figure out what this is or where it was taken?


Fun Fact about this first one...It’s not just players that have pre-game routines. You’ll have to ask new MASN reporter Ben Goessling about his...and be sure to welcome him here at MASNsports.com (and at masnNATS on Twitter).

Correct Answer:

Score one point for yourself if you guessed “1” from “1971” in stone near the Home Plate Gate honoring the final Senators game in Washington D.C. (You don’t have to have the 1971 part -- that would be impossible to know).

And Ben did explain his pre-game routine in a comment on his new blog:

Nats Nut: But admitting that would give away the answer to the “Where in Nats Park?” question! OK, OK...The press parking lot is across the street from all those dates about D.C. baseball history, and the media gate is behind home plate, so I walk in that way every day. There are, I think, seven dates from the 1900s and a couple from the 2000s--so, in other words, seven that start with 1s and a pair that start with 2s. I walk across the 1s every day, and peel off to the side when I get to the 2s. It’s kind of a little reminder to me to be the best each day, in the way I cover the team, in the way I write, in the way I treat people, in the way I conduct myself, etc. And when I was at the Times, it was also a reminder to never let the fact I write for the No. 2 paper be an excuse. A little cheesy, I know, but it’s a little way for me to get myself set each day.

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