Choose the third 2010 Nats Bobblehead (Updated)

There are so many decisions in baseball that fans just can’t control. You can debate trades, signings, contracts and strategy all day long, but Mike Rizzo and Jim Riggleman aren’t necessarily calling to get your expert advice.

pudge_bobble_180x150.gifHowever, there is one decision that you can make this season and it’s related to a very important topic: bobbleheads.

Which Washington Nationals player, coach or mascot should be replicated on the third bobblehead this year? It’s up to you. Voting is now open at

Among your choices...Pudge Rodriguez, Jesus Flores, John Lannan, Jim Riggleman, Teddy Roosevelt, or a dark horse of your choosing. It should be noted that Rodriguez, Lannan (Potomac Nationals) and Roosevelt have already made bobblehead appearances, not that I’m trying to sway your vote.

And, as a reminder, both Ryan Zimmerman and Nyjer Morgan will have bobblehead nights earlier in the season, so there’s no need to write them in on the ballot.

The winning fan choice bobblehead will make its debut on August 28 vs. the St. Louis Cardinals and one lucky voter will actually win an autographed one.

Voting ends on March 31, 2010 but choose carefully. Fans can only enter this contest once (per email address/household).

Image of Pudge Rodriguez Bobblehead from

Some updates:
Lannan’s bobblehead came from the Potomac Nationals last season, so technically he’s still looking for his first Big League Bobblehead night.

The Pudge Rodriguez bobblehead pictured above was from the Astros, not a potential design for this contest.

I believe Jesus Flores bobbleheads are available in the team store, or were in the past, but he’s also never had his own Bobblehead Night.

Fans may be able to vote once per day per email address, not once for the entire contest.

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