Nats Buzz Fantasy Baseball

It’s that time again...time to heal the wound of an embarrassing March Madness bracket, to try that new strategy you’ve been thinking about all winter or to just begin learning about baseball from a business perspective.

You know that Opening Day is just around the corner when your inbox fills up with Fantasy Baseball invitations. But MASN’s contest is one you definitely don’t want to skip this season.

There are some great prizes up for grabs throughout the year include weekly Nats prize packs. At the end of the season, the five highest scorers will have dinner with manager Jim Riggleman. Last year’s winners had quite the evening with the skipper! Read all about it here.

We’ve also set up a Nats Buzz League just for our readers. Join and encourage your friends to join because I’m certain we’ll come up with more great prizes along the way.

To register, visit Once you’ve created your profile, search for the Nats Buzz League and begin selecting your 12 man team including three starters and one reliever. Your salary cap is $100,000,000; this is a “fantasy” game after all.

Remember, rosters need to be set by 10:30 a.m. each Monday.

Good luck!

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