Beisbol Words and More

Here are your Spanish/English baseball words for week two. It’s a pretty random mix this week. The whole class had to learn a few health words, so I added the ones that seemed relevant. Enjoy!

arbitration: arbitraje
to warm up (one’s arm): calentar el brazo
sacrifice bunt: toque de sacrificio
closer: cerrador
free agency: carta de libertad
to score: anotar, cruzar el plato
to take out the pitcher: sacar del monticulo
ice pack: bolsa de hielo
tying run: carrera del empate
surgery: cirugia
heating pad: toalla calentadora
warning track: zona de aviso
broken bone: fractura

A few other odds and ends;
Jim Riggleman will be wired tonight for Wired Wednesday. He’ll wear a headset during the third inning.

On Thursday, MASN will Cover the Bases with Livan Hernandez.

Thursday is also Earth Day. Where better to celebrate then at Major League Baseball’s first green ballpark? Fans who present their Metro farecard or SmarTrip card at the Nationals Park Box Offices will receive $3 off any ticket priced at $10 or more. Also, if you want to bring a recyclable container (plastic, glass, aluminum), you’ll receive a ticket voucher courtesy of Coca-Cola for 50% off select tickets for that game or any Monday through Thursday home game in May or June.

Congrats to MASN’s Johnny Holliday for being named a 2010 Influential Marylander by the MD Daily Record. It’s great to see him be recognized for his good work in the community.

Lastly, enjoy this video of Debbi Taylor’s pre-game interview with 8-time Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno.

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