Beisbol Words

In class, we’ve focused on past tense phrases and verbs for the past few weeks so we weren’t able to choose our own (baseball-themed) words. But, here is this week’s set of words.

Yeah, I’m being a little bit glass half full, but you have to enjoy it while it lasts!

wildcard: comodín
win: ganado, triunfo
to win: ganar, triunfar
winner: ganador
to shut out: blanquear
a shut out: argollada, blanqueada, lechada
no hitter: juego sin hits
grand slam: honrón con las bases llenas
Gold Glove Award: premio Guante de Oro
World Series Champions: Campeones de la Serie Mundial
unhittable: imbateable
saves: juegos salvados
to rally: explotar
a rally: rali, romería, ataque
postseason: postemporada
perfect game: juego perfecto
magic number: número mágico

And speaking of Spanish and baseball, check out this interview with Nationals V.P. of Human Resources Bettina Deynes. She talks about working for the Nationals and her own experience learning a new culture and language in the United States.

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