Merry Strasmas!

To celebrate the arrival of Stephen Strasburg, Nats Buzz will be collecting and posting the best tweets about the phenom. Check back throughout the day as we continue to update it -- and be sure to follow the team (@masnben, @bkerr32, @masnsports, @khudak11, @jenroylemasn and @rdibs49) for the latest news on “Strasmas.”

Strasburg and Nats are already trending in Washington. Strasburg is also trending nationally and he’s one of CNN’s most intriguing people of the day.

Remember, MASN’s coverage begins at 6 p.m. with a special, hour-long Nats Xtra.

Strasburg Tweets:

@imissrfk: If tonight is #strasmas, is his second start #srtrastivus? If so, will the #Nats put up a #strastivuspole?

@kevin_reiss: Superman couldn’t fly fast enough to reverse the earth’s spin so he asked Strasburg to throw a fastball. #strasmas

@joshcvt: Good tidings we bring // to you and your kin // Good tidings of #Strasmas // and a cold #Nats Park beer

@LMurphyDC: I wore my #Nats jersey t-shirt to work, because it’s #strasmas. I have no regrets about this.

@kevin_reiss: I hope they brought out the bunting at Nats Park. #Strasmas is the real Opening Day.

@SteveRep44: Only if SS were on the White Sox, I presume. RT @khudak11: Shouldn’t #strasmas be a federal holiday

@coleyearwood feel like I should be leavin out cookies for @ScreechTheEagle on this #Strasmas Eve

@pbsenerchia: #Strasburg can single-handedly crash Twitter; what’s next? #Nats #Strasmas #Strasburgeddon

@NatsNewsNetwork: Eight hours until #Strasmas. Hardly seems like enough time in the day...

@MarkSchofield: I’ll admit, even as a Red Sox fan living in DC, I’m excited for #strasmas

@EricStangel: BREAKING MLB NEWS: The Washington Nationals just retired Stephen Strasburg’s number...

@StateStSports: #Breaking news: Nationals have renamed ballpark Bryce Harper field at Strasburg Stadium #mlb

@WeagleEye: How will Strasburg arrive at Nats Park? Motorcade? Popemobile? #strasmas #nats #letteddywin

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