Nats Fans React to Strasburg

Before Tuesday’s game, Nats Buzz caught up with some Nationals fans to talk about the debut of Stephen Strasburg.

As you already know, the crowd was electric, collectively hanging on every pitch and creating a playoff-like atmosphere that gave all of us goosebumps. The crowd met every strike with roars of approval and every strikeout with a standing ovation. The fans were very much a part of the game and the win.

“When the fans are into every single pitch, we as players feed off of that,” Josh Willingham said. “The atmosphere will kinda get your adrenaline going a little bit more, but the way the fans were acting definitely attributes to how we play the game for sure.”

Nationals fans say they are excited to see Stephen Strasburg’s Major League debut

“If we continue winning, I expect crowds like that. It was pretty awesome,” Adam Dunn said. “Every time he got two strikes on somebody, they stood up and they were loud, man. It makes it a lot more fun to play like that.”

Watch the video to the end for a fun surprise. It will keep you smiling all day. I promise.

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