Where at Nats Park? (Updated)

Hope you all survived the heat at Nationals Park this weekend. I’m sporting a new bright red shade that I hope will fade before I have to attend a wedding this weekend.

Anyway, on to baseball.

Here is this week’s challenge photo. Can you identify where it is?


Some additional bonus point options for this week.

Tell me something about the subject in the picture.

And/or take your picture at this spot and post it to our MASN Facebook page.

Wednesday marks the last day for Nationals fans to cast their votes in-stadium for the 2010 All-Star Game. Fans can continue to vote for their favorite Nationals players online until July 1st. Fans who punch 50 or more ballots will receive Washington Nationals prizes.

This is Goose Goslin and he is right outside of Section 113. Cheryl gets bonus points for mentioning something about Goslin and posting a picture of the photo on MASN’s Facebook wall.

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