100th Win at Nationals Park

With a new look to the lineup, strange plays, two ejections and over 30,000 fans on hand to watch, the Nationals collected their 100th win at Nationals Park on Saturday night by defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 14-5.

Moreover, the 14 runs scored tonight were the highest single-game total in DC since baseball returned in 2005. That’s a lot of good news following a tough week in NatsTown.

This season, the Nats are inching closer and closer to a .500 record at the new ballpark with their impressive 33-31 record at home. To date, they are 100-125 at Nationals Park and Nats fans have had a lot to do with that.

“The crowd was going nuts. Our team feeds on that kind of stuff,” Desmond said after the game. “Important games, there’s a lot of fans. The crowd’s kinda going wild. We’ve got a bunch of gamers over here and I guess it takes that to rise to the occasion, but it was nice.”

When you come out to the game and get loud, players notice and for some reason, they really step up their game.

“In my perspective, it’s really a lot of fun to go out and play well when we have a large crowd like that,” Dunn added.

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