DC-IBWA Announces Awards

The D.C. Chaper of the Internet Baseball Writer’s Association has announced award winners for the 2010 season. You can read more about the voting and see answers to a postseason poll among internet writers on the DC-IBWA website.

This year’s winners include:

Goose Goslin Most Valuable Player
(Player most valuable to the success of the Washington Nationals):
1st: Ryan Zimmerman (2nd consecutive year)
2nd: Adam Dunn
3rd: Livan Hernandez

Walter Johnson Starting Pitcher of the Year
(Excellent performance as a starting pitcher):
1st: Livan Hernandez
2nd: Stephen Strasburg
3rd: John Lannan

Frederick “Firpo” Marberry Relief Pitcher of the Year
(Excellent performance as a relief pitcher):
1st: Tyler Clippard (2nd consecutive year)
2nd: Sean Burnett
3rd: Matt Capps

Sam Rice Hitter of the Year
(Excellence in all-around hitting, situational hitting and baserunning):
1st: Ryan Zimmerman (2nd consecutive year)
2nd: Adam Dunn
3rd: Josh Willingham

Frank Howard Slugger of the Year
(Excellence in power hitting):
1st: Adam Dunn (2nd consecutive year)
2nd: Ryan Zimmerman
3rd: Josh Willingham

Joe Judge Defensive Player of the Year
(Excellence in fielding):
1st: Ryan Zimmerman (2nd consecutive year)
2nd: Ivan Rodriguez
3rd: Roger Bernadina

Mickey Vernon Comeback Player of the Year
(Player who overcame biggest obstacle in the preceding season to contribute on the field):
1st: Livan Hernandez
2nd: Jordan Zimmermann
3rd: Roger Bernadina

Josh Gibson Humanitarian Player of the Year
(Player who meritoriously gave of himself to the community):
1st: Ryan Zimmerman
2nd: John Lannan
3rd: Josh Willingham

Minor League Player of the Year
(Minor league player most destined for big league success):
1st: Danny Espinosa
2nd: Tyler Moore
3rd: Tom Milone

There were only a few discrepancies between my ballot and the winners - including Desmond and Morse in overall hitting, Gonzalez in defense and Capps as the humanitarian of the year.

What do you think of the winners? How would you have voted?

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