Nats Buzz approves of this message: Vote for Zim

A little play on campaign season there. We’ll spare you the commercials and fundraising emails.

Vote for Zimmerman for the 2010 Heart and Hustle Award!

Each year, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association votes on one winner among the 30 nominees representing each club. Zimmerman has represented the Nationals in both 2009 and 2010, but he needs your votes. Fan voting will represent 5% of the total voting pool.

I know NatsTown couldn’t get Zimmerman to the All-Star Game, but Joey Votto is not on this ballot so it shouldn’t be as difficult. Who has more heart and hustle than Zim?

The award will be presented at the 11th Annual Legends for Youth Dinner on Nov. 5 in New York City.

Vote for Zimmerman! And then, in all seriousness, go vote next Tuesday.

And speaking of campaigns and baseball, check out this National Journal article on what 3.6 billion dollars (what candidates have spent this season) could buy in baseball.

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