“How Do You Know” review

I’ve delayed writing a review of “How Do You Know,” the new motion picture starting Owen Wilson as a Nationals reliever, because I’m not sure how to say this in an articulate but kind way - the movie is terrible.

Sure, it’s worth going just to see Wilson ponder true love in the visiting bullpen while wearing the Curly W, and the season ticket holders who participated as extras did a great job. But the film will probably be a let down even if your expectations are already low.

Unfortunately, the A-list cast can’t really help the weak, confusing plot and poor writing. The characters are unlovable and unconvincing, save for Wilson, who has a few funny lines. Baseball scenes are limited (there is one) and even D.C. scenery is minimal.

It’s hard to say what James L. Brooks was going for with this one, but the film earned only $7.6 million while landing at eighth place during its opening weekend despite spending $120 million. That’s not exactly a sign of success.

Did you see the movie? What did you think? Leave your reviews in the comments.

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