Get to know new Nationals in-game host Sarah Fraser

You may know her from Hot 99.5’s popular morning drive program, “The Kane Show.” Or maybe you’ve discussed the latest episode of “Glee” in one of her My Fox DC chats. If you’ve been to Nationals Park this season, you’ve probably noticed her in the stands and on the scoreboard. Sarah Fraser is the new Nationals Park in-game co-host.

Nats Buzz caught up with Fraser for a quick Q&A about the Nats. Make sure to follow her on Twitter at @misssarahfraser.

Sarah, what will your role be this season at Nationals Park and how did this new opportunity come about?
My responsibilities this season will be very fan focused. Myself and Clint are looking to expand the fan experience with more giveaways and of course a ton of enthusiasm. I literally want to be a walking Nationals kiosk stand. Everything I’m wearing, I plan on giving to the fans - hats, beads and yeah, I’ll be giving you the shirt off my back.

I’ve been lucky enough through Hot 99.5 and “The Kane Show” to have worked and hosted events for the Nats in the past. When they decided they were looking for a new co-host, they remembered my name. I’m very grateful!

Are you a baseball fan? Did you have a favorite team growing up?
I have always been a big baseball fan and, growing up in Maine, the Red Sox are a religion, but I never went to a major league game until I moved to Washington. So the Nationals are the team that made me a big baseball fan.

How do you see your role in giving fans a great experience at the ballpark?
Fans, get ready cause I’m coming for you! We’re hoping to incorporate Twitter and Facebook into the game experience by bringing t-shirts and other prizes right to you. And, I’ll be rocking red Mardi Gras beads all summer and fans will be getting those, too. Plus, look out for Clint and myself working on some fun challenges.

Why is the national pastime so important in the nation’s capital?
Baseball is such an important sport for D.C. We are the nation’s capital and you can’t get more American than baseball. I think that makes the Nationals the most important sports team in this town.

Why should fans come out to Nationals Park?
First, have you seen this ballpark? Amazing, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. On top of that, we have the best beer in the city; I swear the Miller Lite tastes even better here, and to be honest on a summer night there is nothing better than a Nationals game, it’s so relaxing - it’s like yoga, baby!

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?
The best piece of career advice I’ve received was to show up on time and sober. Thank you Bill Green’s Maine. You would be shocked how many jobs I’ve got from someone messing up that way. It’s so easy yet many young people fail to do it.

How do you stay so energetic?
I love being positive and energetic. I get eight hours of sleep a night and eat lots of fruit, and honestly, interacting with people excites me. Everyone has an interesting story and I love drawing that out of people. So I guess you could say gossip keeps me energized.

What else would you like Nats fans to know about you?
Oh, Nats fans, there is so much to learn about me. My celeb crush is Kid Rock. I’m probably the only person in the universe who doesn’t like hot dogs. You’ll find me eating a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys and if you walk into my apartment on any given day you’ll find dishes in my sink. I’m not a great housekeeper.

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