Just a little friendly hazing for the Nats rookies

It’s no secret the bonds of a major league baseball team can closely resemble those of a fraternity.

Twenty-five guys, living in and out of suitcases, spending virtually every minute together for an entire season. Ah yes, the brotherhood of baseball.

So what would the spirit of a fraternity be without a little good ole’ fashioned hazing, right?

As it so happens, pictures, like the one seen below, recently made their way onto Nationals catcher Jesus Flores’ Twitter account, showing the Nationals’ rookies dressed as the Smurfs.

It’s actually a very well done presentation, right down to the white Crocs on everyone’s feet. Do I smell the new Nationals’ alternate uniforms?

There’s no caption with the photo, making it all the better, but it looks like pitcher Stephen Strasburg has been labeled Papa Smurf. I can’t confirm who Smurfette is from these photos, though.

Update: Smurfette, in all her glory, is Wilson Ramos.


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