Nationals launch “Take Back the Park” initiative

There aren’t many things baseball fans hate more than watching a game in their home stadium when it sounds like they’re sitting in the stands of the visiting team.

Orioles fans suffer through it during every Yankees and Red Sox series, while the Nationals are forced to endure thousands of Philliy Phanatics each year.

Well, no more, cry the Nationals.

Last week, the Nationals launched the “Take Back the Park” initiative. This program is an effort to bring more Nationals fans to the park during the team’s first three-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies from May 4-6, while at the same time limiting those supporters of the recent National League East juggernauts.

I know what you’re thinking. Does this initiative bar people donning Phillies apparel from entering into the stadium?

That’s not a bad idea, but rather “Take Back the Park” has allowed fans from Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, as well as season ticket holders, an exclusive chance to purchase tickets to the three-game series before they go on sale to the general public.

To take advantage of this offer, Washington-area fans can visit to register for the presale. Upon verification, they will receive a one-time-use password to complete the order. The Nationals will also verify matching registration and billing information so that tickets are only mailed to local addresses in D.C., Maryland or Virginia in March.

Fans may purchase a minimum of two tickets and up to eight tickets per game in one transaction.

Drastic? Maybe. But it’s time to stop Phillies fans from flooding Nationals Park. It’s time to let the Nationals fans be heard. It’s time to “Take Back the Park.”

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