“Over” Twitter, Harper deletes his account (updated)

VIERA, Fla. - Bryce Harper has deleted his Twitter account, and the Nationals’ top prospect said the decision was his and was not prompted by warnings from manager Davey Johnson.

“I was just over it. Got bored and decided to leave,” Harper said Wednesday morning as he dressed for the Nationals’ workout.

@BHarp3407, it appears, is no more - at least until Harper decides to revive it.

Earlier this week, the Nationals’ public relations staff and representatives from Major League Baseball met with players to warn them to carefully monitor any information delivered by Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

Harper’s Twitter account has been an interesting insight into the 19-year-old’s world, and he’s tweeted his allegiances to professional and college sports teams, photographs of his exploits and notes about the progress of his pro career.

But Harper insists the decision to disconnect from Twitter was his and his alone.

The news will probably please members of the organization who worried that the top prospect was a little too free and loose with opinions via social media. Johnson told reporters a couple of days ago that a couple of players in the clubhouse needed to be more careful about their tweeting.

“We warned them about Tweeter and Facebook and all kinds of sites,” Johnson said. “Nothing’s secret anymore. I did point to a couple guys and said, ‘Now you listen to this.’ I’m (not) mentioning any names, but you know probably who.”

If the warning was intended for Harper, he took it in stride - even if a break from Twitter is nothing new.

“I deleted it last year during spring training, and then I had it halfway through the season again,” Harper said.

Will he return to Twitter?

“Probably,” he said.

Stay tuned.

Update: After today’s workout, Johnson said he thought Harper might have been subject to some peer pressure in his decision to stop tweeting. “From the media day that we had, from some comments from teammates, that was the result of both those things,” Johnson said.

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