Chien-Ming Wang discusses his injury

TAMPA, Fla. - You already know what Nationals manager Davey Johnson had to say about Chien-Ming Wang’s hamstring injury.

Now here are quotes from Wang about how he’s holding up.

The Nats righty told reporters back in Viera today that he isn’t feeling any worse than he did after initially suffering the injury, which is a good thing, considering the day-after swelling that can often accompany a muscle pull.

“After the issues, we had an MRI check it,” Wang said through an interpreter. “This morning, I feel kind of the same as yesterday. So far, I don’t feel worse, so I feel it’s OK.”

Johnson said the Nats expect Wang to miss “probably a couple weeks, minimum” because of the injury. Wang said he will wait to see how the hamstring responds before worrying about any timetables for a return.

“The first three days is the golden time for any injury, so we’re just going to treat it as much as we can, and then we’ll let the team doctor evaluate maybe a couple days later, and we’ll see what we can do from there,” he said.

The way Wang awkwardly tumbled to the ground yesterday, twisting his ankle, hyperextending his knee and then falling on his surgically repaired shoulder, the general feeling is that Wang is lucky to have come out of the whole thing with just a pulled hamstring.

That’s a line of thinking Wang agrees with.

“I think, to me, it could be worse,” he said. “Pulled hamstring muscle, it’s a little bit fortunate for me and is the best result for me right now. Because if we got the other injury, I might need more time to get back. I’m just trying to train myself as strong as I can and prepare my body for using those muscles.”

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