Nats not concerned about Morse’s injury (Nats win 5-2)

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - It appears Michael Morse’s injury isn’t anything to worry about.

Morse was pulled from the Nationals’ lineup less than an hour prior to this afternoon’s game against the Braves because of a lat strain, an injury which can sometimes sideline players for multiple weeks.

But the Nationals’ left fielder, who led the team in home runs, RBIs and batting average last year, says he’s not concerned about missing more than a couple days because of the injury.

“I’m not (worried), and I get worried,” Morse said with a laugh. “I get worried very easily. It’s early and there’s plenty of time to get going, get ready.”

Nats GM Mike Rizzo concurred, saying the injury is just “a tweak” and Morse should be able to return in a matter of days.

Morse started feeling what he described as a “knot” under his shoulder blade a couple days ago. He played through the discomfort against the Astros on Sunday, but still felt it while throwing prior to today’s game. The 6-foot-5, 230-lb. Morse said he doesn’t feel pain or discomfort when hitting or running, just when he throws.

“There’s no reason to push it this early,” Morse said. “It’s just something (where) I need a little break, a little rest. Probably a little overworked or something.”

“It’s not my shoulder or anything like that, which is good. Just feels like I’ll take a little break off it and I’ll be fine.”

Update: The Nats beat the Braves 5-2, giving them their second straight win. Back from the clubhouse with more in a bit.

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