MedStar Health to host youth baseball clinic

We all enjoy watching the Nationals, particularly during this hot start to the 2012 season.

But from the superstars like Ryan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg, down to the 25th man on the roster, every player started their journey as a young boy, molding their talents and honing their skills in recreation leagues.

For every major league player, rec league is where it all began, reminding fans that while it’s fun to root for our favorite team in the majors, there wouldn’t be professional ranks without little league.

With that in mind, the Nationals are pleased to announce that MedStar Health has joined the Nationals as its newest official medical partner and will sponsor the first MedStar Health Youth Baseball Clinic on Saturday, May 19.

Youth baseball and softball athletes from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia as well as local military children will be invited to take part in the free clinics. The clinics include hands-on instruction from Nationals coaches, who will offer tips on the art of batting, fielding and pitching, as well as participate in a Q&A session about baseball. In addition, participants in Saturday’s clinic will learn valuable information about health and wellness from Dr. Wiemi Douoguih, MedStar doctor and medical director for the Nationals.

Following each clinic, a Nationals player will sign autographs for kids in attendance. Each participant will also receive a lunch as well as four game tickets to that weekend’s Sunday game, courtesy of MedStar. Parents and guardians will be allowed to watch from the stands.

In addition to Saturday’s clinic, MedStar is offering its services on the following dates:

* Saturday, Aug.18
* Saturday, Sept. 1

For more information on the MedStar Health Youth Baseball Clinics, please email

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