Weekly Wrap

If you attended this year’s NatsFest, you were able to hear the latest offseason news and see your favorite Nationals players. Take a look at our albums here.

At the event, we found out that Danny Espinosa played with a torn rotator cuff last season and that Bryce Harper declined an invitation to play for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic.

Also, at NatsFest, Jayson Werth announced that he thinks the Nats are “the best team in baseball.” Similarly, Ian Desmond said last week that he felt that he only “scratched the surface” in 2012.

As the shortstop and the rest of the Nats are only weeks away from spring training, the organization released its spring TV/radio broadcast schedule, which can be viewed here.

On Tuesday, the Miami New Times released a story that linked several major league players, including Gio Gonzalez, to a Miami-area anti-aging clinic, which allegedly supplied performance-enhancing drugs. Via Twitter, Gonzalez denied ever using PEDs.

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