Space Coast Stadium beer vendor - yes, that one - coming north

You might not know Vincent Rainey’s name, but you know him - well, you know him if you’ve ever watched a spring training game on MASN, caught a broadcast on the radio or taken in a Grapefruit League contest at Space Coast Stadium.

He’s the beer guy with the phrase and unique delivery that pays dividends.

In the middle of an inning, you’ll hear him - above the din of the crowd, the chatter on the field, the fire engines screaming from the nearby station.

“Ice ... cold ... beer,” he bellows in a rich baritone. “Beer that is cold ... and in ice.”

People chuckle, and they open up their wallets, fork over some cash and chat Rainey up while quaffing an adult beverage. He’s one of the most recognizable figures in Viera, even if he did drop a lot of weight last offseason.

As beer vendors go - and I’ve heard plenty of them, both in a professional and spectator capacities - this guy’s got some incredible pipes.

Well, get ready, D.C. Rainey’s coming north. Not right away, but he should be hawking your favorite suds come next season at Nationals Park.

You can read all about his ascent - as Twitter follower @ouig called it, “the most anticipated callup since Bryce Harper” - in this story from the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Kudos to Nationals principal owner Mark Lerner for helping make a beer guy’s big league dreams come true.

Not everyone likes Rainey’s schtick, but I’m a big fan. And I’m very happy for him.

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