Ask Matt: A new blog for the new skipper

Although Matt Williams has more than a month of managing the Nationals under his belt, he’s still the new guy in town. Fans have gotten a cursory view of Williams, but there is still so much to learn about the skipper.

Maybe you want to know how Williams grades himself over his first month of managing. Are you curious about his pregame rituals or what he does when he’s not at the park? Well, it’s time to have your questions answered!

Before each homestand, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions for the skipper through Facebook and Twitter. Then, when the Nats are in town, we’ll have Williams answer your questions - right from his desk - and feature them here on

We figured that you would need some time to come up with some quality questions for Williams, so in the meantime, we had Dan Kolko get the lowdown on what it’s like being a new manager.

Watch our first Ask Matt blog below and follow MASN Nationals on Facebook and Twitter to find out how to ask Williams your own questions.

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