Hide your Lean Cuisines from Stephen Strasburg

Why should Bryce Harper have all the fun?

ESPN today unveiled a new “This is SportsCenter” commercial featuring Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg. Like most of the network’s spots, it has a humorous bent, placing usually stoic Strasburg in the ESPN cafeteria while anchor Bram Weinstein rifles through the refrigerator searching for his Lean Cuisine.

What happened to Weinstein’s glazed turkey tenderloins (words I never thought I would type when I got into this crazy business back in the 1970s)?

Watch and learn.

D.C. fans will remember Weinsten from his days at Triple X ESPN Radio when he was on the Redskins beat and his work in CNN’s bureau in the nation’s capital.

Harper, you’ll recall, starred in two TV spots earlier this spring, one for Major League Baseball that had him cavorting with stars of yesteryear and another where he burst through Gatorade with frequency.

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