“Come As You Were”: ’90s night coming to Nats Park

’90s night is coming to Nats Park on August 11 as the Nationals take on the Giants! Over the past two seasons, the Nats have put on successful ’80s-themed nights where fans, players and on-air personalities dressed in ’80s-themed costumes, making for a radical night at the game. This season, the Nats have decided to change up the decades and go with a ’90s-themed night full of feathered bangs and spiky hair, Air Jordans, Tamagotchis, all the cartoons and your favorite entertainment from the decade.

90snightnats_960x540_9ot70g7a_ocv8ff8t.jpgSome highlights for the “Come As You Were” game include slap bracelet giveaways, food options such as Ninja Turtle Pizza at Enzo’s locations and the Jurassic Pork Sandwich at Taste of the Majors, and pregame performances by Uncle Jesse in Center Field Plaza and White Ford Bronco, Washington, D.C.’s premier all-’90s band, at the Budweiser Terrace.

We’re stoked for the walk-up songs, and (hopefully) some creative photoshopping of player headshots onto movie posters (Bryce Harper as Braveheart, anyone?) But the most pressing question on everyone’s minds is: “What will the Racing Presidents be dressed as?” Will they cheer on the Nats dressed as Spartan Cheerleaders, or perform a Spice Girls number? Either way, the night looks to be all that and a bag of chips.

ICYMI, check out the Nats’ promo video for their ’90s night featuring some of your favorite Nats players: Needless to say, we’re so excited!

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By Abigail Tufts

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