Jayson Werth leaves with apparent wrist injury

This doesn’t look good.

Jayson Werth has left tonight’s game in the top of the sixth inning after injuring what looked like his left wrist when he tried to make a sliding catch of a Placido Polanco liner.

The Nationals right fielder got his glove hand bent back while making a slide for the ball, and you could tell he immediately was in pain. Werth got the ball back in to the infield but fell to the ground after throwing the ball in, and was clutching his left arm tight to his body.

He walked off with a trainer by his side, still holding his left arm.

Werth was replaced by Xavier Nady.

When you consider Werth’s injury history, the Nats have to be plenty concerned about the 32-year-old right now.

Werth tore a ligament in that left wrist back in 2005 which put his career in jeopardy and caused him to miss the entire 2006 season.

You hate to speculate, but given how serious this injury looked like it might be, Werth could very well be out for a large chunk of time yet again. That’s not what this Nats team needs with Michael Morse, Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche currently sidelined, and with Morse out at least another month.

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