Nats draw big, try out Ramos’ younger brother

Check out this gem from Ryan Zimmerman when asked about the strong crowds at Nationals Park for this weekend’s series against the Phillies.

“I wouldn’t have come and watched us a couple years ago, either,” he said. “That’s the truth. Nobody wants to come watch a team that loses 100 games.

“It’s their hard-earned money. It’s not easy to buy tickets now. As long as we continue to win, the fans will come, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

The fans came this weekend. The Nats have already sold 30,000 tickets for tonight’s game, and are expecting additional walk-up sales. For this three-game series, the attendance will top 100,000, just the second time since Nats Park opened in 2008 that they’ve broken the 100,000 mark during an April or May three-game set.

I told Gio Gonzalez before the game that he made No. 8 on SportsCenter’s Not Top-10 plays for his awkward slide into third base during yesterday’s game. He broke out laughing and shouted across the clubhouse to fellow starter Stephen Strasburg.

“Hey, Stras! I made Not Top-10!” Gonzalez said. Strasburg smiled and shook his head.

Gonzalez then ran around the clubhouse showing nearly every single teammate a replay of the slide into third on his iPad. He was laughing the entire time.

The guy really needs to have more fun.

The Nats tried out Wilson Ramos’ brother David today, with general manager Mike Rizzo on hand to check out the 20-year-old hurler throw. Wilson was behind the plate to catch his little brother.

Wilson gave me a little scouting report on his little bro, saying David throws 89-91 mph and has a vast repertoire. He hasn’t played pro ball before, and just recently became a pitcher after playing in the infield previously.

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