Riding a Teddy high, Nats crank up the offense (updated)

Yes, the losing streak is over.

As my colleague Byron Kerr wrote, Teddy won the Presidents Race today.

Print Byron’s story out. Frame it. Tell the grandkids about this moment one day.

The crowd got all riled up by Teddy’s big victory, and apparently the players did, too. (Either that, or they just got better pitches to hit and put the barrel on them. One of the two.)

The first three Nationals to come to the plate after Teddy’s win - Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Morse and Tyler Moore - went home run, double, double. The three extra-base hits have given the Nats a 2-1 lead as we go to the fifth inning.

The message here is clear: If only the Nats had just let Teddy win years ago, they’d have won the World Series every single season.

The two Nationals runs have given Edwin Jackson a lead and a chance to pick up his 10th win of the season.

Jackson has been far improved over his last time out, and has surrendered just one run and one walk so far. He walked four with no strikeouts his last time out, in a start in which he completely lacked command of his fastball.

Teddy has won already today. If the Nats can follow suit, they’d finish the regular season with the NL’s No. 1 seed and the best record in Major League Baseball.

Update: Moore blasted his 10th homer of the season in the sixth, making it a 3-1 game. Moore’s shot went way out to left and came down nearly two-thirds of the way up the bleacher seats.

Yeah, it was a shot.

Jackson has now been removed after 6 2/3 innings. He came off to a standing ovation, waved to the crowd and got high fives all around in the dugout after a very strong start. The veteran right-hander’s line: 6 2/3 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 6 Ks.

Christian Garcia got the Nats out of the seventh inning, and they have a two-run lead as we go to the eighth.

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